The Best $50 I Spent: Gifts That Wow Clients

The experts in this issue reveal inexpensive purchases that wow their clients.

Who: Keri Lindenmuth, marketing manager, KDG

What: Our company has something called a “celebration box”—a fun gift we send to clients after their project launches. It includes party materials (party hats, streamers, soda, engraved glasses, etc.) and a photo of our team celebrating their launch. We ask that clients send a photo back of themselves celebrating.

Why: It does wonders to show our clients that we are ready to celebrate their success right alongside them.

Who: Susie Hayman, productivity consultant and owner, In Your Business

What: An analog timer

Why: A lot of clients have challenges with time management. With an analog clock or timer, you can determine how much time you want to spend on a task and then watch the time go by. If you spend too much time on social media or email, for example, you literally see the time passing on the device.

Who: Carlota Zimmerman, success strategist

What: During Larry Nassar’s sentencing, I was so moved by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s beautiful, inspiring remarks to the victims, that I sent her a thank you bouquet.

Why: I posted about this on social media and, by the end of the day, I had three new clients, all of whom said, “Your actions really spoke to me—can we talk?”

Who: Linda Williams, founder, Invisible Disability Project

What: I like to feature local beauty: a small basket of Meyer lemons or a delicious local square of honeycomb.

Why: For me, gifts are thoughtful. They can be inexpensive and come with joy, from the heart.

Who: Damian Birkel, founder, Professionals in Transition

What: A new brochure

Why: It allowed me to better position our organization by showing pictures of our team. It was more inclusive than our old brochure, and showed the diversity of our organization both in color and age. Our membership skyrocketed.

Photos by (from left to right) Steve Cole Images/Getty Images, Courtesy of Staples, Studio Porto Sabbia/Getty Images, Elena Fabbrili/Getty Images, Raw Pixel/Getty Images