Building Your Business

Growing a small business brings challenges and rewards. Explore the topics below to become a business-building expert.


Marketing Refresh: 3 Strategic Business Plan Tips

Lay a strong foundation by developing your business plan.

How to Assess and Improve the ROI of Your Loyalty Program

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Balancing "The Customer is Always Right" with Your Company Policies

Every business needs rational policies, but they also want to live by the motto "the customer is always right." Here's how to balance the two.

Rack Cards: 4 Tips for Differentiating Yours From the Pack

With compelling graphics and messaging, good descriptions of benefits and full contact information, you can effectively use rack cards to build business.

Want to Improve Customer Retention? Talk to the Ones Who Got Away

Customer communication is the crux of different strategies for customer retention and to win back business from those who have left.

6 Print Terms All Office Managers Need to Know

Knowing the right printing terms will help make better, more informed decisions.

Live Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Whether you're considering Instagram, Facebook Live, Twitter or Periscope, these four tips will help you capitalize on live social media.

4 Ways Customized Gifts Engage Customers

Here's what to consider when choosing gifts for customers.