Building Your Business

Growing a small business brings challenges and rewards. Explore the topics below to become a business-building expert.


How to Start a Consulting Business and Be Your Own Boss

Want to know how to start a consulting business? Understand the logistics and costs involved in starting a career as a freelancer or consultant.

Put It in Writing: Picking the Right Types of Paper for the Job

Do you know how to pick the right types of paper for your print needs? Here are tips on when to use high-quality paper over everyday types of printing paper.

What Is Printer Toner and Does It Make a Better Impression Than Ink?

What is printer toner and how is it different from ink? Learn the distinction between toner vs. ink and which is best for your printing needs.

How E-Commerce Shipping Can Deliver Your Brand

E-commerce shipping can build brand loyalty and long-term customers. Custom shipping boxes and other innovative ideas leave a lasting impression after the sale.

How to Use Facebook Live to Put Your Business Center Stage

Hosting a Facebook Live event is a great way to engage your audience and boost sales. Use these Facebook Live tips to put your brand in the spotlight.

5 Effective Social Media Tips for Business Growth

How can you use social media for business growth? Discover 5 effective social media tips for business owners to foster strong customer relationships.

7 Ways a Handwritten Message Is Good for Business

In this age of emails and texting, handwritten messages to customers or employees mean a lot. Discover the benefits of letter writing.

How Direct Mail Can Deliver Your Message to a Whole New Audience

5 quick tips to get the most out of your mailing.