How to Boost Your Small Business Visibility and Productivity

From outdoor signs to social media posts, learn tips to connect with customers.

It’s never been more important to maintain a high profile for your business while you efficiently complete all the other tasks on your to-do list. This balancing act will help keep customers coming in the door while you move your business forward in other important areas.

Use these tips to make plans now for how you can increase company visibility and productivity to drive success in the coming months.

Get eyes on your business. People won’t buy from you unless you’re top of mind, so print high-profile items like yard signs, A-frames, stickers and banners to promote that you’re open and ready to serve customers. Print posters [BV1] to showcase your unique offerings, and consider car decals to spread the word far and wide. Don’t underestimate the importance of reminding existing customers that you’re open, particularly if you were closed temporarily. For new buyers, high-visibility messaging can tell a story about why you’re worth a look.

Freshen things up. Spruce up your printed materials to send a strong message that you’re a vibrant entity with lots to offer. Two out of three [BV2] shopping choices are made in store, so use fliers, signage and other materials to help your customers make a buying decision. Reprint your menus[BV3]  if it’s been a while, or print coupons, promotions, tip sheets and other materials to build customer loyalty. Print items for your team too, like instructions for managing online orders, curbside pickup details or new cleaning protocols. Research shows that people better retain information [BV4] that is printed out.

Plan for tight timelines. Slowdowns are a given in the current business environment. To compensate, keep things moving quickly on your end by having a plan for where you’ll drop off items for shipping[BV5] , printing and other important business tasks. Look for partners with rush options, same-day turnaround and self-service, so you’ll have what you need — no matter what happens. Start early, and seek out a partner with marketing and design expertise, since having this help can ensure that you’ll hit the mark.

Be where your customers want to shop. It’s likely the people you want to reach are looking online for companies to buy from, even if they want to complete the purchase in person. In fact, “click and collect” at retail shopping is projected to increase over 60%[BV6]  this year, reaching $58.5 billion. If you’re not already online, you don’t have to design a website all by yourself. Services [BV7] are available to help you quickly create a professional website to communicate what you offer and why your business is a great choice. Your new site will be the hub of your digital marketing and opens up the door for you to use online ads, content marketing and other powerful tools to drive sales.

Get the word out. Social media posts may feel outside of your reach if you haven’t done them in the past. But, the right partner can help create, curate and schedule social posts to attract the customers you want and keep current buyers loyal. Social posts are a proven way to set yourself apart from the competition, too: 89%[BV8]  of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media. A service[BV9]  that creates your website and crafts social posts to complement its message can be a powerful combination.

Take steps now to maximize your business’s productivity and make it easy for customers to buy from you. The experienced team at Staples Print & Marketing Services [BV10] is here to help you get your business seen and succeed.