4 Ways Customized Gifts Engage Customers

Here's what to consider when choosing gifts for customers.

Picking the right gift to give customers can be a balancing act — you want to be generous, but also give something appropriate and hopefully something that aligns with your brand image. The holiday season is a perfect time to share customized gifts with your customers. Here's a look at the benefits businesses enjoy from giving gifts that include their logos, as well as what to consider when selecting items to give away.

1. Match the Right Gift to the Right Company

Giving gifts at the holidays is a tried-and-true way for businesses to show appreciation to their loyal customers. Not only is gift-giving a great way to thank your customers for their continued business, but well-chosen customized gifts also show them that you value their business enough to consider, select, purchase and deliver these gifts to them. With that in mind, make sure the quality, style and purpose of the gift suits your customers and your company image.

2. Keep Your Company Top of Mind

During the busy holiday season, your customers may get bombarded with hundreds of advertisements for different products and brands. They'll seem them on their computer screens, smartphones, billboards and on television. It's easy for your brand to get lost among all those company names, colors and logos.

By giving a gift that tastefully includes your business name and logo, you keep your brand front and center, capturing your customers' attention every time they see or use your gift.

To make this truly effective during the holidays, choose a custom gift that gets a lot of use during the winter and holiday season. Some examples may include reusable cloth shopping bags, holiday coasters for drinks or a bright-red holiday apron for cooks and bakers.

3. Tell Your Brand's Story

Any marketing expert will advise you that everything your business shares — from your logo to your print ads and blog posts — creates an image of a lifestyle. Think of the customized gift you select as part of the story of the type of life your customer aspires to.

Choosing items that fit that ideal lifestyle gives your business another opportunity to establish a connection with who your customer wants to be. And when the gift bears your logo, the recipients can't help but associate the item and the lifestyle with your brand — after all, your stamp is on it! Depending on your company, product or service, possibilities for custom gifts include customized garment bags for holiday evening wear or custom gourmet holiday food and drink in personalized tins or jars.

4. Offer Customers a Choice of Items

Giving your clients or customers a gift during the holiday season helps enhance the relationship you're building with them. However, depending on the demographics of your customer base, you may have a hard time choosing one gift that suits all of your customers. In that situation, you may prefer to choose several different items. If you do, be careful about how you decide which customer gets what. Customers may know each other and discover that your business gave different gifts to different customers. This could result in feelings like: "My gift is cheaper or smaller, because my business isn't as valued."

Instead, let customers select between two similar options. For example, maybe your holiday gift is a set of four glasses with your logo etched on the glass. Let your customers choose between a set of tumblers or wine glasses.

Giving gifts to customers during the holiday season is a great way to remind them of your business year-round. With a little forethought, your custom gifts can be a valuable marketing and branding tool for your business.