4 In-Store Marketing Strategies That Boost Customer Conversion

Implement these strategies today to entice customers.

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In-store marketing is a critically important strategy for maximizing the customer experience. Think of how much wall, counter and window space you already have available for signage and literature that reinforces a customer's decision to shop in your store. Getting customers into your retail store is challenging at all times, but making sure they leave a customer is the key to growth and profit.

Here are four tips to yield greater ROI from your in-store marketing efforts:

1. Pay Close Attention to Colors, Signage and Banners

It's a subtle thing, but choosing decor that reflects your brand reinforces its effect on your customers. Adopting your brand colors in wallpaper, paint, furniture and even coffee mugs provides a sense of consistency and boosts brand awareness in the environment in which people shop.

As for signs and banners, the goal is always to capture customers' attention without distracting them from their overall experience. To achieve this goal, be sure to:

  • Make images and font sizes large enough to be visible from various places within the store.
  • Hang signage at prominent sight lines. There's a long-standing tradition of stocking premium merchandise at customers' eye level in order to boost sales. Without interfering with your products, keep this principle in mind when displaying signs or banners.
  • Limit text. It's critical to get your key point across in seconds — whether you're announcing a special in-store sale or a list of product benefits — so don't clutter your signs with too many words.

2. Be Selective in What You Choose to Promote

Help customers find what they're looking for, but don't distract or overwhelm them with too much information. Choose one or two of your most popular products and build displays promoting them. Too many in-store advertisements can create an overly busy space that can detract from the customer experience.

3. Highlight Your Brand With In-Store Display Products

Beyond signage and banners, there are other ways to highlight your brand and provide added information to customers. Here are just a few:

  • Stand-up sign or literature holders: These are ideal for displaying a one-page history of your business or other customer-focused information. Remember to include your website and social media information on promotional literature.
  • Business card holders: Make it easy for a passing customer to take your card for future reference.
  • A suggestion box: Add some interactivity to your display and use a large box for a contest or raffle. You can also solicit customer feedback and invite customers to provide contact information.
  • Cases and folders that highlight product information and direct consumers to your website.

All of these resources can be discreetly placed around your physical location, complementing the customer experience. Look for areas in your store where customers generally stand and wait (most notably, at the checkout), where you can place signage or other marketing materials. This greatly increases the odds people will notice what you've chosen to display.

4. Feature Product Demonstrations and Giveaways

As many large retailers do, offering a product demonstration is a great way to promote your product and gather a small crowd for the event. And since everyone likes to get something free, consider occasional product giveaways, which you can promote in your signage, as a way of demonstrating your pride in what you sell and enticing people to want more of the same.

When it's done right, in-store marketing offers many ways to keep customers interested in returning to your store. Your marketing materials should be inviting and helpful, but not overwhelming or distracting. With the right mix, you'll help customers find exactly what they're looking for, and maybe a few other things, too.