How to Keep Your Brand Marketing Fresh in the New Year

Reconsider old marketing initiatives and strategize how you can boost your brand marketing this year.

A new year brings new possibilities for your business. It's a great time to reconsider old marketing initiatives and ask how you can boost your brand marketing efforts to stay relevant. Kicking off a new campaign can feel intimidating, but keeping your marketing materials current helps you generate more sales in the new year.

Here's how to tell if it's time for an update to any of your branding — and what could benefit most from a fresh take.

Keep Your Website Current

You don't need to go crazy with a high-end, expensive website. However, if you created your site more than five years ago (and changed nothing since then), it's time for a digital makeover. Increasingly, your website is the first impression you make on a potential customer. It's a huge asset to your brand marketing, and if it drives people away, your sales could suffer. Refresh your website to make it modern, clean and most importantly, user-friendly.

Revisit Your Messaging

Even the best web design in the world won't be effective if the messaging is off. This is something you should update as you continue to grow and learn more about your target market and customers. People like to see visually appealing sites, but ultimately it's the message you convey with your copy that converts prospects into customers. Make sure the content you host on your website resonates with the right audience.

Assess Your Customer Base, as It May Have Changed

You may see your target market evolve over time. Reviewing who your actual customers are — and what they want — is a great exercise to take on at the start of the new year. Doing so will help you make sure your brand is still relevant to the people now buying from you.

Evaluate if Your Services or Mission Has Changed

Are you looking to do something new with your business? If so, your brand marketing likely needs an update to reflect this. Make sure what you present in your marketing materials still lines up with what you offer and what you believe as a company. For example, you may need to revamp your blog if you changed focus or edited your mission statement.

Check if Your Assets Are Out of Style

Sometimes you need to update your marketing materials simply because styles change and evolve. What's in vogue for logos, websites, images and visuals often changes as trends become popular and others die down. If you haven't updated your visual assets in several years, it may be time to refresh them. When you do, go for classic looks and designs instead of chasing what's trendy. That will help keep them relevant for longer.

Progress Out of Your Bootstrapping Phase

Many small business owners bootstrap everything when they launch their business, and at the time, that makes good financial sense. You can save a lot of money if you do it yourself instead of outsourcing to contractors. But eventually, as your business grows, you need to update your marketing and let experts take over so your brand looks legitimate and professional.

Remember, evaluating your brand marketing for the new year doesn't mean you need to commit to a complete overhaul and rebrand absolutely everything. You may just need to refresh a few elements to stay current in a way that resonates with your customers and truly reflects the core of your business.