Building Your Business

Growing a small business brings challenges and rewards. Explore the topics below to become a business-building expert.


5 Ways to Ensure Customer Satisfaction in a Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain crisis is causing product backorders and shipping delays that will affect all shoppers this holiday season. Learn how to ensure customer satisfaction despite supply chain disruptions.

Restaurant Safety: Help Keep Guests Safe With These Communications Tips

Restaurants and their employees need to communicate safety guidelines to customers every step of the way, from before they arrive to when they’re paying the check.

How to Ship a Package From Home: Tips for the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, your customer's satisfaction is key. Learn how to ship a package from home using these effective small business shipping solutions.

How to Build Client Relationships Through Remote Communication

Building close relationships with clients and workers from afar can be challenging. Remote team communication tools and technology can help you close the gap.

How to Build Print Materials Into Distance Learning

Tips for teachers to incorporate paper-based materials in remote classes.

8 Ways to Put Customer Feedback to Work for Your Business

Listening to customer feedback is critical to your business's success. Learn effective strategies on how to make this feedback work for you.

3D Printer Buyer's Guide

If you’re new to the world of 3D printing, this article is for you. Dig into the specifics of how you can successfully get into 3D printing with Staples.

What to Tell Customers About Your Reopening Plans

Here are sample communications about reopening your business after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.