How Your Company Welcome Kit Drives New Employee Success

Giving new hires the support they need can fuel their success at your company. A new hire welcome kit filled with the right supplies gets your new co-workers up and running.

Research indicates that following a great onboarding experience, more than two-thirds of employees are likely to stay at a company for at least three years.

A crucial part of a successful onboarding process is equipping new employees with the right supplies. Doing so can have an impact on productivity — a survey from 3M and Post-it Brand found that 94 percent of employees feel less productive when they aren’t equipped with the right supplies.

So what do you need for a welcome kit? Start here:

Paper Products

Paper office supplies are still important in today’s workplace. The 3M and Post-it Brand survey revealed that 62 percent of office employees use paper over a digital device to list their to-dos. Include the following in your kit:

  • Calendar/planner: Check with your new hire ahead of time to see if they prefer a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.
  • Sticky notes: Provide a variety of colors and sizes to make sure these notes stand out.
  • Notepads: Equip new team members to record key information during their busy first few days.
  • Organizing folders: File and manila folders are great for helping new colleagues get their workspaces organized.

Desk Accessories

  • The basics: Include a stapler, paper clips, pen holder with pens and highlighters, scissors, three-hole punch, tape dispenser, trashcan and file folders. On their first day, show new hires where additional office supplies are stored so they can grab any items as needed.
  • Extra items: Accessories like a bulletin board, picture frames, nameplate and floor mat make a great impression and help your new co-workers create their optimal workspace.

Tech Tools

  • Computer stand: A stand can provide ergonomic benefits and help new employees be productive.
  • Phone headset: Team members can easily take notes or conduct research while on a call.
  • Software tools: Provide relevant applications so new hires don’t need to ask their managers or IT department for basic programs.

Company Resources

Show your new colleagues where important company documents and forms are stored, and offer paper copies for reference:

  • Policies and procedures: Provide a copy of the employee handbook and other relevant policy documents.
  • Employee directory: Offer a list of other employee and department phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Office map: Help employees easily find conference rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen or breakroom and other important areas.

Fun Items

To infuse personality and reinforce the company culture, consider including these options:

  • Healthy snacks: Snack bars, dried fruit and nuts show new co-workers that your company is focused on creating a healthy environment in the office.
  • Company-branded items: A coffee mug, water bottle, tote bag or T-shirt with your business name or logo immediately helps new employees feel like a part of the team.
  • Desk trinkets: Games like a small basketball hoop and ball or a mini Zen garden add a fun element to your colleagues’ work areas.

A few weeks after their start date, ask co-workers what they liked most about their kits, as well as what they think should be added, and update your items accordingly.