Workplace Tools and Practices to Energize Your Team

An energized team is a more productive team. Use these tips to motivate and invigorate employees in the workplace.

Energized employees are more productive and happier, but many companies aren’t doing enough to bring energizing elements into their workplaces.

On top of increased productivity and morale, energized team members are more collaborative, appreciative and focused on getting the right results. Putting the work in now to incorporate energizing tactics means your company gains these significant workplace benefits.

To set your employees and your business on the path to energized success, use the following tactics to keep your team mentally and physically charged up.

Provide Healthy Food

If employees are chowing down on sugar-heavy foods while at work, they are likely to experience a crash and, ultimately, lower productivity. More wholesome options can provide an energizing and tasty boost when staff need it most.

Stock your breakroom with a variety of healthy options that satisfy cravings. Items like fresh fruit and vegetables, snack bars, cheese, yogurt and hummus are great for a quick snack or addition to lunch. No-sugar, low-calorie drinks like flavored seltzer water can provide a refreshing beverage choice.

Encourage Physical Activity

Along with a healthier diet, increased physical activity can help employees be more energized at work. Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services state that adults should aim to move more throughout the day, even in short increments, to experience positive health benefits. Use these strategies to encourage more movement in the office:

  • Offer exercise equipment: Items like balance balls, exercise bands, light hand weights and mini exercise bikes can provide a pick-me-up for employees. You can either store them in a centralized area, or keep track of which items are with team members at their desks.
  • Stretch and walk breaks: For a few minutes every hour, encourage employees to stand up and stretch to get their blood flowing. Once a day, schedule a walking break outside. If the weather is not ideal, try to get in some steps within the work area without disturbing others.

Create Designated Areas for Rest

It can be hard to take a true break at your desk or in the kitchen, as distractions can cut into downtime that staff need. Give employees a space where they can go to relax or re-energize for a few minutes. Encourage them to leave their desks so they can actually unplug for a bit.

Since people recharge in different ways, offer a few break areas if space allows. For example, one room can feature comfy chairs and furniture, with light music playing for those who want to take some time to unwind. Another area can be used as a game room, complete with board or video games.

Spur Social Connections

Co-workers who develop workplace friendships tend to be more productive. While these friendships may have complications, employees who develop friendships with colleagues significantly improve their workplace performance.

Ideas include in-office get-togethers for birthdays and other personal events, as well as work accomplishments. You can host events outside of the office, too — for instance, painting or cooking classes for those who are interested. Volunteer opportunities are also a great way to energize employees while giving back to the community.

These types of events serve not only as a way for employees to be more social, but they also provide co-workers with the chance to continue building relationships with each other. This, in turn, makes them more productive and engaged in their work.

Creating a more energized work environment will only happen if you incorporate employee feedback. Encourage team members to share their thoughts with you on how well your energizing initiatives are working, and ask them to offer additional ideas.