Clean Versus Hygienic Restrooms — Know the Difference

Take aim at germs that thrive and spread easily on surfaces in the restroom.

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Do you know the difference between a “clean” restroom and a “healthy” or hygienic restroom?

To keep restrooms hygienic, every facilities team will want to think through a series of questions: How often do the restrooms need to be cleaned? To what degree will cleaning occur? What items in the restrooms require more effort to clean versus the value they add? 

Some furniture and design elements, for instance, can be difficult to clean. Plants and flower arrangements, particularly faux ones, can also pose cleaning challenges.

If you can’t clean it, don’t put it in the restroom, says Jennifer R. Gordon, public health liaison and science translator with Clorox Professional Products.

Here are a few other facts and tips for ensuring a wellness-inspired restroom.